Election Party 2016

By Donna Duval

The year’s election party on February 28th was held at Boyd and Jacky Lisle’s new home in Auburn. Given the wet and stormy weather we had a strong turnout of Fieros – 7 in all were lined up in the guest parking right outside the Lisle’s dining room window – what a view!

It was a rainbow of Fieros – blue, black, red, white, red, silver and maroon plus one white Subaru anchoring the lineup. The club banner flag was a festive addition snapping in the wind.

We had a chance to talk cars, and admire all the work that had been done on the Lisle’s new home and share ideas for the year to come. Enjoying the afternoon together were: Bill and Bea Eaton, Jeanne and Don Ruckman, Loren and Brin Campbell, Dave Mereness, Donna and Dan Duval, Dana and Frank Suttell plus our hosts.

The weather added a punctuation mark to the afternoon with a hail storm making us all glad we were warm and dry indoors.

The potluck buffet was wonderful with plenty of variety and plenty of quantity as well. We were all full and content as President Dave called the attendees to attention to formalize the club’s officers for the year. He asked if anyone wanted to volunteer for a position or if there was interest among those attending to take on a different role. With minimal discussion Bill Eaton made a motion to accept the current slate of officers, the motion was promptly seconded and carried unanimously. Hmmm, I wonder if Congress couldn’t benefit from a potluck now and then?

To review, your Jet City Fiero club officers are: Dave McKague President, Amber McKague Treasurer (tho it was confessed that Dave does most of the leg work of the Treasurer’s position – given his name is also on the bank account), Loren Campbell Vice President, Dana Suttell Secretary and Donna Duval Newsletter Editor.

Dave shared that he has been getting checks for dues in the mail regularly, which is terrific. There was a bit of storytelling and Jeanne Ruckman thanked everyone for their thoughts and prayers for her over the past months as she faced the diagnosis of a cancerous brain tumor. The tumor was removed and she has experienced no pain or loss of function and is feeling terrific with a positive prognosis.

A big thank you was expressed to Jacky and Boyd for their hospitality and the possibility of a summer event was mentioned as their location has such a pretty setting.

As folks started to head for home the skies opened up again and it began to pour but our hardy troupe took it in stride though there will be some Fiero washing going on soon I am sure!